How can I get the Visibility Tracker?

The metoda Visibility Tracker is a brand new App and you can directly book it from your Workspace.

***If you are not the owner of your metoda workspace, please contact the person with this role from your organisation to be able to try it out.

How can I pay for this?

For now, you can only pay using a Credit Card. Before making a decision, you can always test the Free version.

Which marketplaces are included?

For now, Visibility Tracker can get data for Amazon: DE, IT, FR, GB, ES, NL, PL, SE, US, CA, MX.

We plan to add new marketplaces and countries constantly.

How much does it cost?

The paid subscriptions cost between €29-€149 monthly. Should you need to track more than 1000 keywords, please contact us to get a personalized quota.

How am I billed?

The available plans are monthly subscriptions. They automatically renew every 1st of the month. As long as you don't deactivate your plan, you will be charged each month from the saved credit card on you.