Why does a campaign have the status "pending"?

The campaign status "pending" can have several reasons:

  • Campaigns are not generated in real time, it might take up to 1 hour until the Amazon Advertising API has processed our request to create a campaign. 

  • If you never created a campaign on the Amazon Advertising console, you can try solving the "pending" status with a dummy campaign. This helps our Ad Optimizer to synchronize with your Amazon Advertising console and is only needed once.

  • The max. number of campaigns, which are not archived, has been reached on Amazon's side. This limit is set to 10.000 campaigns per Advertising entity, and it is documented on the chapter “Sponsored Products” under “Ads and set-up” (see https://advertising.amazon.de/help). If this limit has been reached, either archive campaigns not needed anymore or create a new Advertising entity on Amazon.

  • In order to create Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands with keyword targeting, the Ad Optimizer needs to research keywords. Usually, the Ad Optimizer easily identifies which keywords are relevant for a product. It might only happen in cases where a product is not listed in any bestseller list yet. Still, the Sponsored Product with automatic targeting should already be live, and as soon as well-working search terms were identified in that campaign, the new campaign with keyword targeting will be created as well. You can also trigger campaign creation by setting positive keywords manually in the Campaigns section of Ad Optimizer.

  • Other possible reason: technical issues like slow processing of requests. Please contact the metoda Service team to open a ticket and check the reason with the technical team.