Portfolios are used by amazon in order to have better budget handling. You can create or edit a portfolio via metoda frontend.

  • To go to portfolios view, click on “PORTFOLIOS & BUDGET” in the sidebar 

In this page, you will see all portfolios metoda is managing for you.  Note that we only manage portfolios created via our system.

  • You can create new portfolio by clicking on “ADD PORTFOLIO” 

Just type the name of the new portfolio. It should start with “m_” and shouldn’t have any space between words.

Click on "SAVE". You can see the portfolio with state “creating”. Once it’s successfully created, the state will be changed to “enabled”. It might take ~30 minutes to create it.

  • If you want to change the portfolio name, you can do so by clicking on the "EDIT" button in the row of the portfolio. 

  • Type the name of the new portfolio and click on "UPDATE".

Keep in mind:

  • Portfolio name should be unique. So, you can’t set portfolio name to an already existing portfolio name.

  • You can’t change the name of the portfolio if its state is “creating”. It needs to be created and enabled to edit its name.

  • You can have up to 100 portfolios on amazon. Once a portfolio is created, you will not be able to delete it.