Go to ad-optimiser.metoda.com 

  • Click on “Budget” to create different budget periods:

  • Click on “Add new budget period”:

  • Fill in all mandatory information:

Name: this field can be used to name your budget periods (e.g. “Jan 19”, “Q2”, "Q2 2019")

Budget: automatically stated in your respective country's local currency
Active from/Active To: start and end date of your budget period

Please note that budget periods need to have a minimum of 28 days. Make sure that your budget periods are consecutive, not leaving single days empty.

  • Click “save” to finish. The budget period is now saved:

Only upcoming budget periods can be modified after the creation. In case you want to edit running budget periods, please contact metoda.

  • Click on "Edit" in order to modify:

IMPORTANT NOTE: setting a budget period is the necessary requirement for your campaigns to be created. Only if a budget period already exists, will your campaigns be created in Amazon Advertising. In case no budget period is set for today, all campaigns will be stopped immediately.